Truls Blaasmo is an independent art advisor and collection management consultant. He helps his clients navigate the art-market, providing guidance for all kinds of collectors, whether you are just starting or long-established.

Formally educated in design and curation, and with 10 years experience in London, Shanghai, New York and Oslo, he helps clients with multiple services, from general know-how and market access to all practical logistics concerning the procurement, curation, collecting and management of artworks.

Passionate about connecting aesthetics, cultural depth and business, he is as familiar with emerging artists as he is with highly established ones, sourcing art from galleries, art foundations, artfairs, artists’ studios and private collections and working with public institutions, auction houses, interior designers and architects. He believes each of these parties has an essential role in advancing the future of art.

With confidentiality, competence and creativity as key aspects to his work, Truls offers a bespoke service that ensures personally tailored client-focussed art-assistance to the highest extent. How does art fit into our lives, and how can we express ourselves through our collections? Truls helps you find your answers.

Above all, art
should be fun

Alexander Calder


Art Advisory

  • Inquiring, Acquiring  & Commissioning

    Expert advice on buying works, established by a combination of sound financial strategy and aesthetic taste.

  • Sales

    Independent assistance in selling art works, as well as dealing with legal and administrative tasks.

  • Corporate Collections 

    Corporate collection advice and establishment.

  • Auction Bidding

    Representation at auction, providing key information, negotiation and bidding on your behalf. 

  • Private Viewing

    Access to any art-work in a private setting; artist studio visits, galleries, home-premises or a secure online digital platform.

  • Architectural & Interior Design

    Horizontal collaborations on sourcing and exhibiting within the greater real estate industry,  including developers, interior designers and architects.

Art Collection Management

  • Day-To-Day Management

    Hands-on guidance and day-to-day operations on managing a collection, with a focus on creating a legacy to reflect your curatorial vision.

  • Digital Cataloguing

    Extensive digital recording service, with high resolution images.

  • Current market & Insurance Evaluations

    Valuing art works for the purpose of better insurance policies, more cost-efficient care for works, and market positioning estimates.

  • In house Curation & Installation

    Private property exhibiting; from aesthetic narrative to environment control, lighting, installation and framing options.

  • Conservation & Restoration

    Preservation of all art-works, on a personal level and cultural level,  with the appropriate experts.

  • Shipping & Art Handling

    Full secure service for all transportation, crating and logistic requirements.

  • Worldwide Security & Storage Solutions

    Confidential international advice on storing and safe-keeping your artworks and valuable collectibles.

  • Wealth Management

    Future proofing, legalities, inheritance preparation and tax planning.

  • Verifications

    Complete provenance provision and authenticity documentation for the artworks.

  • Publishing

    Assistance in publishing your collection in analogue or digital format, heightening the collection’s prominence and exposure.

  • Collection Development

    Strategic advice on how to increase your collection’s financial and cultural value, through sharing and lending works, presentation and market placement.

  • Communications & Data Collecting

    Personal summaries and documents on the ‘world of art and navigating the market.

In the news

  • As he keeps up with his clients and network of conservationists, art historians and evaluators, Mr Blaasmo has built up a roster of must-haves.

  • Truls Blaasmo mentioned as industry-leading man, giving tips on how to navigate through the art market.

  • A single bid secured the giant Alberto Burri, “Sacco e Rosso” (c1959), fresh from the Trauma of Painting show at the Guggenheim in New York. Hampered by a huge estimate of £9m-£12m, it sold for £8m

Truls Blaasmo

Art Advisory & Collection Management